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OK this is just for my own info really so no need for anybody to bother reading it.  (not that anybody will be linking to this blog or reading it at this point anyway.)  This post is really a sticky note of some stuff I worked out already and some things to look into.
(I’m going to put a tag of todo on any posts that have got things that I need to investigate further.

So I found how to use the My Notes application in Facebook to import my posts in there.  Once I’ve posted this one I’ll know if it pulls them through automatically as I expect.

Next I’ve added a blogroll to some of my favourite blogs out there.  Might need to investigate if I can do this RSS style to pull through the headlines.  Might be on the wrong track with that one.

add a flickr feed or badge of my latest picks.
post something about The Big Picture
look into fluxx, nomic and Godel Escher Bach – that last line really is just a personal note but wiki it if you want.


Written by ukenaut

January 29, 2008 at 9:52 pm

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