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Word Magazine Podcast – Morrissey Gig Aborted, Celebrities Booed.

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There’s a lot of rubbish podcasts out there. I’ve heard some shocking ones that remain nameless, where the subject matter may be of interest and there’s good production values but they don’t half drag on to fill the time.

Word Magazine’s weekly podcast is an exception though. Mark Ellen and David Hepworth have been music journo’s since before I was a lad. The style is not that of a broadcast, more a bunch of chaps sharing rock and roll war stories next to a roaring log fire. That’s a good thing. I look forward to it turning up on the podcast player on my mobile each week.

A great story from this week’s podcast concerns Morrissey’s aborted gig at the Roundhouse in Camden last week. Moz was unwell and left the stage after about five songs at which point Russell Brand, David Walliams and Jonathan Ross decided to play the showbiz friends card and get up on stage to do some sort of turn. They did not go down well and the booing and jeering and missiles forced them off stage within two minutes.

Several people caught it on their mobiles so you can see the celebrity bubble burst on YouTube from several angles. This is the best one I’ve seen. Warning: The following video contains explicit language.


Written by ukenaut

February 1, 2008 at 10:17 pm

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