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Spotted this article on N95blog today. Geocache Navigator by Trimble is free for a Nokia N95!

Have downloaded it and had a little play and it works really well. I haven’t been Geocaching for a while but last time I did it was a bit of a faff to be honest and needed a bit of preparation.
Firstly I had to check the Geocaching website to locate some caches, then I downloaded them to my Garmin eTrex Legend, printed off a map from my Memory Map software and then after about half an hour of admin I was out the door.

I have tried mobile caching before using a iPaq PDA and the Garmin but there were too many devices to play with and it was better and simpler to work with paper and the GPS device.

One of the killer features for me in the Nokia N95 when I got it was the inbuilt GPS, and I’ve been using it for satnav for a while but not for Geocaching.
Geocache Navigator is a great piece of software. It takes care of all the admin for you. You can pick up cache information from Geocaching.com on the move, find the nearest caches to your location with ease, locate them with mapping assistance if you need it and even log them as found.

It’s great to find a bit of software that really works and best of all is free.

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Written by ukenaut

February 12, 2008 at 8:57 pm

Posted in Geocaching, Nokia N95

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