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Getting fit whilst playing with technology.

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I do tend to spend a disproportionate amount of my time sat on my arse and online. This week I decided to do something about this and get a bit of exercise.
So I went for a run the other evening and to tell the truth it was horrible. I had an expectation of a certain level of fitness based on what I could do when I let my gym membership lapse about three years ago. I certainly didn’t expect to be tasting blood, be able to hear the blood pounding in my ears and feeling almost sick.
But I still went out again this evening and ran with a friend who recommended we run for two minutes, walk for one minutes for a couple of laps of the park, which seemed a lot easier.
Plus I got to play with the internet as I did it. Another toy on my Nokia N95 is Nokia’s free Sport Tracker software. it uses the GPS to calculate speed, distance and a whole lot more stats. You can use it in conjunction with their Sports Tracker Beta website which gives you a place to view and share your results and even download a KML file to view in GoogleEarth. You can’t do that down your overpriced elitist gym can you?


Screenshot taken using the Firefox screengrab! plugin (although I use Flock as my browser)


Written by ukenaut

March 6, 2008 at 8:36 pm

Posted in mobile, Nokia N95, sport

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