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Emergent Game

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This sounds like an interesting game and a fun diversion. I heard about this a while back, and it’s been appearing in all the usual places round the Brum blogging scene over the last few days so props to Created In Birmingham and Birmingham: It’s not shit! as usual. Not to steal anything from those august organs but for the benefit of my readers who don’t go there becuase it’s a little local, I’ll blog about it here.

It’s called Emergent and is some sort of forthcoming game/event/art thing concieved by Niki Pugh taking place in Birmingham in the coming months involving social networking technologies such as Twitter which is rapidly approaching some sort of critical mass at the moment. More details I’m sure will emerge in time but for now I think I shall follow the Ludens route and will be sorting out my avatar as instructed. See you in game, although according to the rules you may not know it’s me.


Written by ukenaut

April 7, 2008 at 10:10 pm

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