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Videos on Flickr! OMG! WTF! Get over yourselves.

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So Flickr have decided to introduce video sharing and everybody seems to be getting a bit antsy. “Noo!!! they scream” – “Flickr’s for photos, YouTube is for video”, “keep Flickr pure” and other such regressive viewpoints. There’s groups set up like those silly Facebook petition groups you see and the pools for them are full of people displaying a No to Video logo. I’ve had a browse, considered the argument, and dismissed it as nonsense. One post I saw was encouraging people to all add a No to Video logo to their stream because he thought it would be cool to see his “photos from my contacts” page full of them. Don’t know why? I prefer to see interesting images from my contact not a load of sheep all displaying the same childish thing but then perhaps I’m missing the point.

Now I know I might be posting this in the wrong place. This blog isn’t exactly high traffic, but there’s a lot of pitchfork waving going on in those groups and on associated images at the moment and it’s pretty much all a sheeplike mob all going “me too!” so best to leave them to their little tantrums rather that expose my photostream to them. Comments are welcome here.

I see absolutely no problem whatsover with videos on Flickr. I’ve got a YouTube page although I don’t really use it because I do video that much. My opinion of YouTube is that a lot of the content is lo-fi, with low production qualities, filmed on mobiles or ripped from the TV. I think there is some good scope for video on Flickr to be a bit more creative and to take a photographic approach to video. You could perhaps present photos in a rostrum camera style like you see on documentaries that use a lot of photo footage; or perhaps stop frame animation using photos such as an example I saw last year from one of my contacts Moayad. Another use I can see being useful is to create short slideshows of a set of photos for those with very short attention spans.

And if you don’t like it, then just don’t use it. And if you really object perhaps you might want to join the No to Spinning Jennies group I set up.


Written by ukenaut

April 9, 2008 at 6:51 pm

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