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I broke my Speedlite. Hoorah for the internet.

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A couple of days back I managed to break the hotshoe off my Canon Speedlite 430EX.  Quite upsetting as it’s not a cheap piece of kit.  When this happens you realise that it’s only a few mm of plastic that hold two costly bits of kit together.  More on that at the end though.

However all was not lost. A quick search turned up a very handy page with step by step illustrated instructions and helpful comments.

I ordered up the part from H Lehmann’s in Stoke which arrived real quick and have just fixed it in about 20 minutes.  And I remembered to remove the batteries and discharge the flash before I took it apart.  That might have been lively.

So it cost me £11.50 as opposed to £180 for a new flash unit.  Result!!

When it intially looked like the flash was junked I did take a look at the new 430EX II which has a metal shoe rather than a plastic one.  Initially this seems like a good idea, but on reflection it may well be a good thing that the hotshoe on the flash is the point of weakness.  I reckon if the plastic didn’t give then it’d most likely rip the mount of the top of the camera or even worse.  Anyway I’ll be a bit more careful about leaving the flash on top of the camera in future.


Written by ukenaut

December 4, 2008 at 9:36 pm

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